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It's hot in here. Can someone turn the _____?Summer ____ + male person
Say this out loud: ' Dawn of Inn '__Donalds + Ca_ you d_nce for Bo_ _y?
He ran 5 _____ yesterday.Capital of Texas
A baby kangarooOne who ports
An estimation is a(n) __ucated guess.To play the clarinet you need a wooden ____.
Sexually arousedYou may find this on some trees
UV ___I like this with steak and beans
My name is _____tian.John's son
Hehe!!! Look at MA T.T.!!!What is JOB if J=Sh?
The acronym for 'Jake Or Sam Hate'I like to see rappers' houses on this show.
Rex ____There's lots of water in a long well.
Chris Johnson's nicknameOne who spills
There's an new soap _______ sale at BJ's.Air _______s are on planes to kill bad guys.
He ____ a picture for his dad.A cool wind

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