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Can you name the Guess the Naruto Characters?

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The child of prophecy
Wife of the yellow flash
The child of prophecy's father
Father's of the main character's rival
The god of ninja
1st Hokage
The copy ninja
The main character's best friend
Female legendary sannin
Has above 200 IQ
Team 10 Female member
Team leader of the sand siblings
Has a crush on naruto
Genius of the Branch family
Female member of the sound four
Loves to eat BBQ
Mentor of the child of prophecy
Assistant of the female sannin
Owns a dog
The dog with red fur
Smartest member of the sound four
Twins of the sound four
Leader of the sound five
Water Style user of team taka/hebi
Mother of the main character's rival
Brother of main character's rival
Leader of the Akatsuki
Female member of the Akatsuki
Pink Haired member of Team 7
Founder of the Uchiha Clan
Bug user of Team 8
Wind style user of the sand siblings
_________ of the red sands.
The fifteenth head of the Akimichi Clan
Leader of the Nara Clan
Member of the Intelligence division from the yamanaka clan
Carries a Sand Gourd with him
Red haired member of team taka/hebi
Leader of the Intelligence and Interrogation Division in konoha
Knows only Taijutsu
A tailed beast with no tail from the Akatsuki
Master Of Explosives
Konoha's Noble Blue Beast
Leader of the Branch Family
Leader of the Main Family
Immortal Member of the Akatsuki
Son of the Third Hokage
Grandson of the Third Hokage
Killed the 3rd Hokage
Old puppet user of The Sand Village
Father of the 5th Kazekage
Assistant of the killer of The Third Hokage
Akatsuki's spy
Only wood style user alive
Leader of the Foundation
The 3rd Hokage
The 2nd Hokage
New member of Team 7
Puppet User of the sand Siblings
Loves Money

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MLB All-Star First Basemen (AL)

by ian2813

Sports 10m
If the 3rd base is the hot corner, then 1st base is probably the 'guy who is terrible at defense so we stuck him here' corner.
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