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A deficit in the processing of emotions, where the identification and verbal expression of emotions is challenging.Associated with all-case mortality and morbidity.
People who, without payment, provide care for relatives or friends who, due to disability or illness, could not otherwise manage the basic activities of daily living
Writing about ... experiences has been found to yield benefits on a number of health outcomes.As well as mood and life satisfaction
Alexithymia moderates efficacy of writing interventions, and ... alexithymia scores is associated with improved depressive and anxiety symptoms.not in stress-writing conditions
... has been shown to prolong cardiovascular responses to mental stressors.
Authors of 'Are alexithymia and emotional characteristics of disclosure associated with blood pressure reactivity and psychological distress following written emotional disclosure'Two authors, first is lecturer.
Previous research has found that WED reduces this type of blood pressure.
The primary mechanisms thought to account for the effects of WED are ... and cognitive processingRestructuring is believed to lead to increased coping.
Health benefits have ben associated with greater use of ... emotion words
Alexithymia was measured with the... scale.Assesses three dimensions: difficulty identifying feelings, difficulty describing feelings, and externally oriented thinking.
Emotional distress was measured with the...
WED was done using the ... emotional writing paradigm.
Stress was induced with the...Abbreviated to TSST
An ambulatory blood pressure monitor was used to measure ... and ... blood pressure.
The null-findings might be explained by a ... effect.Participants were healthy, non-stressed students.
Evidence was found for ... effects of alexithymia of disclosure effects. Participants low in alexithymia benefited.
Alexithymics using more negative words exhibited lower... than alexithymics disclosing more positive words.The opposite was found for non-alexithymics
Authors of 'Effects of written emotional disclosure on implicit self-esteem and body image' (2011)Over six authors, and first one is lecturer.
The study included a WED condition, a control condition and a condition abbreviated...Writing about body image success stories.
Explicit self-esteem was measured with the... self-esteem scale.
Implicit self-esteem was measured with the self-esteem...
Body image was measured with the ...BIAQ, does the person avoid physical intimacy and social events.
Body image was measured with the ...BCQ, Consists of three subscales: overall appearence checking, checking specific body parts, and idiosyncratic checking.
Body image was measured with the ...BPSS. Measures satisfaction with body parts and global satisfaction.
Depression was measured with the...
WED significantly improved this type of self-esteem.Neither WED nor WSS improved body image, depression or the other type of attitudes.
Authors of 'Effects of emotional disclosure in caregivers: Moderating role of alexithymia' (2011)Three authors, second is lecturer.
The study had follow-ups at # weeks, # months and # months.
Psychological distrass was measured with anxiety and depression subscales of the...BSI
The reductions in psychological distress in control and positive disclosure conditions may be due to... effects.Diverting attention from stressors.
Alexithymia did not moderate the effects of participants in the... condition.

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