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Factors causing people to immigrate to Britain.
Factors causing people to emigrate from their homes.
1948 Act granting commonwealth citizens the same rights as british citizens.
Speech made by Enoch Powell in 1968Spoke of future blood shed and a Britain on the verge of destruction
A ... interpretation of ethnicity suggests that we have highly complex and multidimensional ethnocultural identitiesDifferent aspects of identity emerge in different contexts.
Ethnicity as constantly changing, arising from social interactions, and inspired by local, national and global contexts.Fight causes anger, flight anxiety or fear. Cues present during event become associated with the event.
Migrant worker minorities in cities in developed coiuntries and in newly industrialized countries, as well as trader minorities.
People who have and make a claim to be nations, while incorporated in a larger state.
Descendants of populations who have migrated as coerced, coluntary and semi-voluntary workers, and form distinctive minorities in the new context. Ethnic groups in...
People dispossessed by colonial settlement.
Black African descendants of former slaves.

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