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Forced Order
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Percentage of white people in Britain according to the 2011 cencus.
Next largest ethnic group with 2.5 percent.1.4 million people.
Third largest ethnic group with 2 percent.
Least ethnically diverse area in Britain:96 % white
Most ethnically diverse area in Britain:45 % white
If trend continues, Britain will be # % minorities in 2050.White people will be a minority by 2070
Incorporation of newcomers into the recieving society.
According to ... multiculturism has failed.Prime minister
2001 act that lead to the arrest of many muslims.Some remain in prison without access to lawyers or due process.
Muslim women who wear the hijab
Racism directed toward foreginers irrespective of colour.
Refugee flows, asylum seekers, internal displacement and development-induced displacement.
Only when participants made social judgements about stereotype-... images was there increased activation in the OFA, FFA, EBA and FBA.
Stereotype-inconsistent images also elicited activity in the right...This area is engaged in complex cognitive tasks.
Interplay between the DLPFC and the face- and body-areas were tighter when viewing stereotype.... images.
In social interactions, Violation of category-based expectations trigger cardiovascular... reactions

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