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Forced Order
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The theory of anglo conformity is conceptualized by the equation...
The melting pot is conceptualized by the equation...
Cultural plurism or hybridity is conceptualized by the equation...
Living as a minority in private byt a majority in public is called...
The suicide rate of young Asian women in Britain is # X of the national average.16-24, young married women at high risk.
73 % of the general population is employed, but only # of ethnic minorities.Lowest for Bangladeshi and Pakestani women, at 30 %
Black people are # X more likely to be arrested than the general population.
Black boy murdered by five white youths at a bus stop in 1993.
Report finding the British police to be institutionally racist.
Racist attacks between ethnic minorities can be called...
A blackface ragdoll, source of much controversy.
The disappearence of economic and cultural differences between general population and ethnic groups over time.Decreasing residential segregation
The maintenance of cultural differences, with various ethnic groups encouraging group diversity and group boundaries.Maintained residential segregation, but full economic participation.
Sharp spatial divides maintained by the dominant group.Accompanied by deteriorating inter-ethnic relations.
Extreme segmentation
The distribution of any two groups across areal units in a city in relation to eachother, as shown by dissimilarity and segregation.
Degree of neighbourhood sharing between a minority group and the host society, hence potential exposure of newcomer to host.
How minority groups physically occupy space in a city.Relates to population density
the degree of inner-city focus
The spatial distribution of ethnic groups relative to eachother
Minority enclave where the host society coprise 30-50 %, and one or more ethnic groups comprise 20-60 % of the population.
Minority enclave shared by two or more non-polarised minorities and few host society members.
Minority enclave with one ethnic group comprising at least 60 %.Few in large cities in Britain
Minority enclave with at least 60 % minority members, and at least 30 % of the groups members living in said enclave.
Host-community where the host group comprise 50-79 % with substantial minority group(s).Most common for ethnic minorities in Britain
host community with at least 80 % host group and all minority groups less than 20 %.Most common for whites in Britain
Three british cities where non-whites comprise more than 20 %.
Three cities containing ghettos.Pakistani (B), Bangladeshi (O) and Indiand (L)

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