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Tener Expressions and the Verb IR

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HintAnswerTener Expressions and the verb IR
 Yo duerme a las tres de la manana.
(you)Don't drop that book.
Reason..?Mother is always right.
(Mix of both IR and Tener)Let's go to the beach.
Can I?Can I go?
My mouth is drier than a desertI did not drink any water.
Fill in BlankEsta noche yo ____ a comer el jamon.
Isn't it always?It is summer in Houston.
You should be...Esta un monstre Frankenstein! Corre!
Using Expression 'Al'Can we go to the movies?
They should go*They go to school every day.
Obviously it is...It is -10 degrees outside.
You*Go to the store.
HintAnswerTener Expressions and the verb IR
 I am going to the library.
We*We need to go study.
Use 'Ganas de'* and conjugate!They feel like eating a cake.
 I am very late, said the rabbit.
This is not a helpful hintWe were on our phones all night.
You are most likely...Yo no come la descansa.
You are so lucky*!Tu siempre ganabas los juegos.
AgePaco is ten years old.
Hurry up!We got to school later than Chris Irick.
I have to**I have to study more.
feels like...He feels like singing.
Gosh, you're never right!*The capital of Texas is not Houston.

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