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In the second film, a portrait of which wizard from another famous series of films is on the wall in Dumbledore's study?
In the Fifth film, who asks Harry at the first DA meeting if it is true that he can conjure a patronus?
In the seventh film, what do we learn Charity Burbage taught at Hogwart's
In the second film, who escorts Harry out of Knockturn Alley?
In the fifth film, Hermione tells Ron that he has the emotional range of a what?
In the sixth film, with whom does Ron think he is in love with?
In the Harry Potter films, who guards the Gryffindor common room?
In the seventh film, who is wearing the Deathly Hallows symbol at a wedding?
Which of the Harry Potter books has Daniel Radcliffe said is his favorite?
In what year was Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire released in theaters?
In the Seventh film, what is written on Harry's golden snitch?
In the sixth film how do Harry and Professor Dumbledore get to the village of Budleigh Babberton?
In the third film, Harry thinks the Marauders map is not working because he sees who's name on it?
In the fifth film, we learn that Tonks is a witch who is also a what?
In the sixth film, for which Quidditch position does Ron try out?
In the first film, who is the first witch to introduce herself to Harry at the Leaky Cauldron?
In the third film, what is the Gryffindor common room password at the start of the school year?
In the third film, what does Harry see in the shadows just before the knight bus arrives?
In the second film, where is Harry when he first hears the voice of the Basilisk?
In the eighth film, what type of dragon can be found at Gringotts?
By what name is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone known in England?
In the first film, we learn that Professor Dumbledore is famous for discovering how many uses of dragon's blood?
In the sixth film, what does Professor Slughorn say he can remember about the Three Broomsticks?
In the fourth film, Mad Eye Moody tells Harry that by his age, Cedric could turn a whistle into a what?
In the fourth film, we learn that which of Mad-Eye Moody's leg is fake?
In the second film, who in addition to Ron rescues Harry from Privet Drive?
In the third film, what do we learn is the omen of death
In the sixth film, who answers the door at Professor Snape's House?
In the sixth film, what does Ron eat that has been laced with love potion?
In the first film, what does Hagrid say is his title at Hogwarts
In the sixth film, what nickname does Lavender Brown give Ron Weasley?
In the sixth film, we learn that Felix Felicis is more commonly referred to as what?
In the first film, why doesn't Hagrid write Lord Voldemort's name down instead of saying it?
In the seventh film, after taking polyjuice potion, into whom does Harry Transform?
'The magic begins November 16th' was one of the tagline for which film?
In the fourth film, what color are the flames in the Goblet of Fire?
In Sorcerer's Stone, Snape mentions two real potion ingredients- monkshood and wolfsbane. What's the difference between them?
In the seventh film, what do we learn is at the core of Lucius Malfoy's wand?
In the sixth film, Professor Dumbledore questions Harry about which particular girl he spends time with?
In the first film, what does Professor Snape call Harry in their first lesson?
In the seventh film, what charm does Hermione use on her bag?
At the feast following the sorting in the first film, how does Nearly-Headless Nick first appear?
In the sixth film, what type of glasses does Luna wear on the Hogwarts express?
In the third film, what items in Hagrid's garden are larger than normal?
Which two actors in Prisoner of Azkaban share the same first name and the same birthday (Different years)?
In the eighth film, what do we learn is the name of Professor Dumbledore's sister
In the fifth film, what is the headline Harry reads about himself at Grimmauld Place?
In the eighth film, where does Harry find the lost diadem of Ravenclaw?
In the sixth film, for whom does Draco say he kicks Harry in the face on the Hogwarts Express?
In the sixth film, which professor greets Harry as he walks up to Hogwarts?

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