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I think it proberly means lunch dinner and proberly dinner!Series 1
So OffensiveSeries 1 and 2
Camel, Camel, Camel!Series 1
You think I'm foxy?!Series 1
Babe your attituding at me!Series 2
I think I experimented with cling film!Series 2
Its like magneticSeries 1
There's a hotty over there lookSeries 1
Do you know what a penguin is?Series 1
When I look at you I crumbleSeries 1
Nice! Tiger Woods at croquetSeries 1
Chelsea girls don't eat!Series 1
Totes man, totes of course!Series 1
I find it the biggest turn on that he's shouting at me!Series 1
I bought it and made it a man's jacket!Series 1
We can enter on the lunch road and maybe make it to the dinner highway...Series 1
Do I look like Jesus?Series 1
I love my Kandy Kittens!Series 2
Fish give birth though their mouths don't they?Series 1
Like a james Bond that's been through a biscuit facotory!Series1

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