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DefinitionVocabulary Term
goods, such as portable tools and office equipment, that are less expensive and shorter-lived than major equipment
the practice of business purchasers choosing to buy from their own customers
a firm’s belief that an ongoing relationship with another film is so important that the warrants maximum efforts at maintaining it indefinitely
the demand for two or more items used together in a final product
products used directly in manufacturing other products
a detailed numbering system developed by the United States, Canada, and Mexico to classify North American business establishments by their main production processes.
a measure of a Web site’s effectiveness; calculated by multiplying the frequency of visits times the duration of a visit times the number of pages viewed during each visit (site
a situation requiring the purchase of a product for the first time
the use of the internet to facilitate the exchange of goods, services, and information between organizations
consumable items that do not become part of the final product
an electronic trading floor that provides companies with integrated links to their customers and suppliers
either finished items ready for assembly or products that need very little processing before becoming part of some other product
individuals and organizations that buy business goods and incorporate them into the products that they produce for eventual sale to other producers or to consumers
a situation where the purchaser wants some change in the original good or service
DefinitionVocabulary Term
all those persons in an organization who become involved in the purchase decision
unprocessed extractive or agricultural products, such as mineral ore, timber, wheat corn, fruits, vegetables, and fish
the elimination of intermediaries such as wholesalers or distributors from a marketing channel
phenomenon in which a small increase or decrease in consumer demand can produce a much larger change in demand for the facilities and equipment needed to make the consumer product
a cooperative agreement between business firms
a situation in which the purchaser reorders the same goods or services without looking for new information or investigating other suppliers
the marketing of goods and services to individuals and organizations for purposes other than personal consumption
the condition that exists when one party has confidence in an exchange partner’s reliability and integrity
the demand for business products
the reintroduction of an intermediary between producers and users
a network of interlocking corporate affiliates
capital goods such as large or expensive machines, mainframe computers, blast furnaces, generators, airplanes, and buildings
expense items that do not become part of a final product

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