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is a term that reflects the different types of activities and interactions that occur within teams and contribute to their ultimate end goals.
is getting more from the team than you would expect according to the capabilities of its individual members.
is getting less from the team than you would expect based on the capabilities of its individual members.
consumes time and energy that could otherwise be devoted to task activity.
occurs when members have to wait on one another before they can do their part of the team task.
is the loss in team productivity that occurs when team members do not work as hard as they could.
happens when members exert less effort when working on team tasks than they would if they worked alone on those same tasks.
A condition in which some group members, not wishing to be considered suckers, reduce their own efforts when they see social loafing by other group members.
the activities of team members that relate directly to the accomplishment of team tasks
involves a face-to-face meeting of team members in which each offers as many ideas as possible about some focal problem or issue.
is similar to a traditional brainstorming session, but it makes people write down ideas on their own, thereby decreasing social loafing and production blocking.
reflects whether members possess adequate information about their own task responsibilities.
refers to the degree to which members make good recommendations to the leader.
reflects the degree to which the leader effectively weighs the recommendations of the members.
involves activities with individuals and groups other than those who are considered part of the team.
communications that are intended to protect the team persuade others to support the team, or obtain resources for the team.
things team members do to obtain information about technology, competitors, or the broader marketplace
the interpersonal activities that facilitate the accomplishment of the team’s work but do not directly involve task accomplishment itself
teamwork activities that focus on preparation for future work
are important as the taskwork is being accomplished
the processes in this category are important before, during, or in between periods of taskwork, and each relates to the manner in which team member manage their relationships.
refers to disagreements among team members in terms of interpersonal relationships or incompatibilities with respect to personal values or preferences
refers to disagreements among members about the team’s task
the process by which information and meaning gets transferred from a sender to a receiver
the amount and depth of information that gets transmitted in a message
the pattern of communication that occurs regularly among each member of the team
refer to specific types of feelings and thoughts that coalesce in the minds of team members as a consequence of their experience working together
when members of teams develop strong emotional bonds to other members of their team and to the team itself
the drive toward conformity at the expense of other team priorities
refers to the degree to which members believe that the team can be effective across a variety of situations and tasks
to help individual team members develop general competencies related to teamwork activities such as: conflict resolution, communications etc
training members in the duties and responsibilities of their teammates
type of training that is normally conducted by a consultant and intended to facilitate the development of team processes related to goal setting, interpersonal relations, problem s

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