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Opening LyricSong Title
Build me a sky/ build me a scape
Got your call/ It's Tuesday in Baltimore/ And I'm the April Fool who just wants to talk to you
You've got a way about you baby/ Reminds me of how I used to be/ You've got a way, unlike many of your kind/ Funny thing, lately, so do I
[Title] in the dark/ We don't know what we're headed for
Secret keeper, legend has it you are good/ If it's true then I won't have to knock on wood/ It's your calling, I am handing you the reins to take control
Opening LyricSong Title
Don't you get too close/ Make a mental note/ Something's gonna give if you wait this time out
Charlie Pemberly got down on one knee/ His girlfriend froze up to a single degree/ He reached in his pocket and pulled out a ring/ Said Will you be my queen, I want to be your king
I'm going down to the riverbank this morning/ Way before the family is awake/ Gonna lay me down at the foot of the water/ And spill out all my troubles for everyone's sake
Out of college/ Out of plans/ In no hurry to be a man
I like how you get when I get out of line/ You say all the right things I have no reply
Opening LyricSong Title
She flips back to the page of the guy with the six pack and the girl with the buns of steel/ She sees 29.95 in big bold print and figures 'Ooh what a great steal
Do you really believe you can get to me? / Knocking on my door incessantly/ You know you don't owe an apology
My mother once told me, the thicker your skin, the better off you'll be when this world brings you down/ They're trying to control me and leave me without hope
Tell me you care/ Tell me you're listening/ Tell me that it's me/ That you are missing
Faith is a victim of circumstance/ In a shallow age, it doesn't stand a chance
Opening LyricSong Title
I wrote her a letter yesterday/ Told her that I'm fine/ That I can't wait to come on back/ And make up for lost time
Gone just as fast as you entered/ Gone like a dream as I'm waking up/ Gone but it's just the beginning
How can I turn away from your gun?/ How can I stay here where others would run/ And cast the blame/ I fanned a dying flame
Long before we ever touched/ Long before we knew too much/ I wish we were [Title]
After I said goodbye/ I promised myself that I'd try/ To get my mind off of you/ And back to reality/ But only lightning striking me/ Shaking me up / Could ever do that trick

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