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NameAnimorphs (A) or Fake (F)?
The Invasion
The Visitor
The Encounter
The Message
The Predator
The Capture
The Stranger
The Alien
The Secret
The Android
The Forgotten
The Reaction
The Change
The Unknown
The Escape
The Warning
The Underground
The Decision
The Departure
The Discovery
The Threat
The Solution
The Pretender
The Suspicion
The Extreme
The Attack
The Exposed
The Experiment
The Sickness
The Reunion
The Conspiracy
The Separation
The Illusion
The Prophecy
The Proposal
The Mutation
The Weakness
The Arrival
The Hidden
The Other
NameAnimorphs (A) or Fake (F)?
The Familiar
The Journey
The Test
The Unexpected
The Revelation
The Deception
The Resistance
The Return
The Diversion
The Ultimate
The Absolute
The Sacrifice
The Answer
The Beginning
The Reveal
The Destruction
The Battle
The End
The Loss
The Mission
The Investigation
The Search
The Link
The Mystery
The Outcast
The Monster
The Betrayal
The Traitor
The Coup
The Negotiation
The Alliance
The Seige
The Dilemna
The Memory
The Appearance
The Prey
The Power
The End
The Trap
The Surprise
NameAnimorphs (A) or Fake (F)?
The Question
The Chance
The Penultimate
The Redemption
The Arrangement
The Undoing
The Terror
The Difference
The Rumor
The Simulation
The Beyond
The Ruse
The Captive
The Enterprise
The Plan
The Meeting
The Bargain
The Creation
The Spirit
The Animal
The Imposter
The Theif
The Discourse
The Ressurection
The Turn
The Failure
The Flaw
The Enemy
The Ally
The Destination
The Vision
The Evolution
The Power
The Revolution
The Rebellion
The Uprising
The Center
The Sharing
The End
The Loss

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