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Contestants complete challenges hoping to earn a spot working for Donald Trump.NBC
This show combines group and individual dates, with contestants all hoping to receive a rose.ABC
Teams of two travel around the world, and the last team at each pit stop is sent home.CBS
Teams of has-beens and B-List celebrites try to lose the weight they've gained since being famous.VH1
Aspiring designers compete every week, hoping to be shown at Fashion Week.Lifetime
A group of strangers are locked together in a house, trying to avoid being voted off.CBS
An Internet celebrity reveals her sexuality and attempts to choose a mate.MTV
Performers try to get America's vote, and hope to avoid being X'd out.NBC
Celebrities pair up with professionals and try to win a coveted trophy.ABC
Young wanna-be singers try to make it to Hollywood, where they hope to impress America.FOC
Interior designers compete for a chance to be seen in New York City showcases.Bravo
Flavor Flav's former flame tries to find the man of her dreams.VH1
Participants compete in a Quick Fire Challenge and an Elimination Challenge, with the winner going to the Aspen Food and Wine Festival.Bravo
Hairdressers participate in challenges, with the lowest scoring member going home each week.Bravo
An 80s frontman searches for love.VH1
Teams dance for America's vote, and the lowest two face off for the judges.Mtv
Each week individuals compete by making-over rooms, with the winner getting their own show.HGTV
Women compete to win the affection of a man they've been told is wealthy.FOX
Two tribes try to outwit, outplay, and outlast each other.CBS
Professionals from other fields are paired with design experts, hoping to have their clothes sold in stores.Bravo
13 hopefulls compete to win over Tyra Banks and a panel of judges.The CW
Teams of two try to lose the most weight.NBC
Every episode, four contestants compete in three rounds: Appetizer, Entree, and Dessert.The Food Network
A cooking competition hosted by Gordon Ramsay.FOX
Dancers compete weekly to try to avoid being eliminated.FOX

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