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Young girls, ages 5 months and 15 years, compete in beauty pageantsTLC
Following 3 sisters and the rest of their family, which include younger twin sisters and an ex-olympic stepdadE!
Men and women who cannot throw anything away are given help by a specialist to help them clean their housesA&E
An uber-talented group of young performers go to a performing arts school in CincinattiMTV
Two families with opposing views switch mothers for 2 weeksLifetime
Jeannie Mai hosts as a fashion victim's friends pick out collections of new clothes for themStyle
Featuring the tattoos (and drama) in a tattoo shop run by Kat Von DTLC
Two families make over a room in each other's houses with the help of a professional decoratorTLC
Brides in search of the perfect wedding dress head to KleinfeldsTLC
A New Jersey bakery, Carlos', makes unusual and amazing cakesTLC
Newly cancelled show following a family with 2 sets of multiplesTLC
An MTV show following 4 of the girls from '16 and Pregnant'MTV
Chronicles the lives of the Duggars, a extra large family living in ArkansasTLC
Following Hugh Hefner and his many girlfriends E!
4 young guys ask the question, 'What do you want to do before you die?'MTV
Stacy and Clinton take on poorly dressed people and give them $5000 towards a new wardrobe TLC
Has-been celebrities who are fighting addictions are helped by Dr. DrewVH1
Drug addicts and alcoholics are confronted and (usually) sent to rehab centersA&E

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