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Can you identify each quote as a philosophy of either 'Grunkle' Stan Pines or Grandpa Rick Sanchez?

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QuoteStan or Rick?
I hate to break it to you, but what people call 'love' is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed.
Yeah, sure, I mean, if you spend all day shuffling words around, you can make anything sound bad.
When there's no cops around, anything's legal.
It all begins with this little fella, the pituitary gland. He may be little, but he has big plans.
Wanna hear a joke? Here goes: my ex-wife still misses me...but her aim is gettin' better! Her aim is gettin' better! [beat] You see, it's, it's funny because marriage is terrible.
Weddings are basically just funerals with cake.
Sometimes I think, is this all there is? Is life just some horrific joke without a punchline? That we're all just biding our time until the sweet, sweet release of death?
Never clean DNA vials with your spit.
What, so everyone's supposed to sleep every single night now? You realize that nighttime makes up half of all time?
When life gives you lemons, call them yellow oranges and sell them for double the price.
QuoteStan or Rick?
Sometimes, a man has to steal an animatronic badger to stay in this crazy game called life.
Studies show that keeping a ladder in the house is more dangerous than a loaded gun. That's why I own ten guns - in case some maniac tries to sneak in a ladder.
Don't pay for cool stuff with your soul. Pay for it with money. You know, like how every store in the world works?
Two things I wanna' make clear to EVERYBODY in this room: Never betray me, and it's time to go.
Being nice is something stupid people would do to hedge their bets.
Darn beautiful men...always eating out of my trash.
Ha! Nothing in here but a cold, dark, empty soul.
I'm not looking for judgement, just a yes or no — can you assimilate a giraffe?
I'm no stranger to scary situations, I deal with them all the time.
You're a real wiseguy, but you made one fatal mistake. You messed with my family.

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