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Who stalks the girls
Detective who had a fling with Hanna's mother
Name of the show?
Psychiatrist who treated the girls who late went missing?
Stole money from her workplace
'Sketchy' kid who upgrades or sells phones to earn money is?
Trashed Ali's memorial
Was part of the 'A' team before being admitted to Radley Sanitarium
Broke into peoples houses
Had a secret son
Swimmer who is confused about her sexuality is?
Posed as Maya's cousin
Rosewood's successful lawyer
'Queen bee' who went missing is?
New girl who moves into 'dead girls' house is?
Grandmother of Hanna
What color lipstick did both Jenna and Alison use?
Had an affair
Who were the homecoming king and queen
Got her step sister drunk
Hanna's estranged father?
Friend of Alison
Frizzy haired LT who is serious about everything
Worked at the tennis club?
Faked her pregnancy
Marshial arts teacher who fell in love with one of his students
Police man with a few too may secrets
Stepmother of a Liar
Sister was mysteriously murdered
Teacher that falls in love with his student is?
Became a teacher at her children's school
Brother of an English teacher
Struggles to come to terms with her daughters sexuality
Hot British doctor and lover of the Hasting's sisters?
Volunteer co-ordinator at the church rummage sale
One of the Liars' childhood friends who secretly does marshial arts and has a heart problem
Resurfaced in season 3 with a mysterious child
Had an affair with Aria's father
Suspicious male who had a crush on Aria
Girl who is blinded because of a stink bomb is?
Former girlfriend of a teacher and a lecturer herself
Blind girls 'creepy' step brother is?
Alison's alter-ego
Student who falls in love with their teacher is?
Sexually assaulted Emily?
Made her own jewlery
Over achieveing feild hockey player, who got caught kissing her sisters fiancé is?
What was the color of the girls braclets Ali gave to them?
Hanna's boyfriend in season 1
Member of the armed forces?
Girl who steals to cope with the absent of her dad is?
Town in which it takes place is?
Found dead with a sucide note
Fell in love with the blind girl
Tried to drown her rival to deny her true feelings

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