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Can you name the Supernatural Episodes By Quote from Season 4?

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Forced Order
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What kind of ghost messes with a man's wheels?!?
I'm a maverick, ma'am. A rebel with a badge. One thing I don't play by... the rules.
Congrats, Sammy. You just bought yourself a benchwarmer seat to the Apocalypse.
Behave yourself, would you? No homework. Watch some porn.
Don't you recognize me? Oh, I forgot--I'm wearing a pediatrician.
I'd like to think it's because of my perky nipples.
I gave him what he needed. And it wasn't some bitch in a G-string. It was you. A little brother that looked up to him. That he could trust.
I serve Heaven, I don't serve Man. And I certainly don't serve you.
Dude, you're confusing reality with porn again.
Well that creeps me out. I mean, I don't like getting singled out at birthday parties, much less by... God.
Uriel's the funniest angel in the garrison. Ask anyone.
Tea parties? Is that all there is?
Yeah. Thanks, Haley Joel, I know I'm dead.
Sam loves research. He does. He keeps it under his mattress right next to his K-Y. It's a sickness. It is.
We do what I do best, Sammy. Research.
Are you under the impression that family's supposed to make you feel good? Make you an apple pie, maybe? They're supposed to make you miserable! That's why they're family.
Oh, you ain't been had, till you been had by the Chief. Oh, and before we get started, what's your safe word?
Awesome. It's nice to have my head on the chopping block again, I almost forgot what that feels like. It's friggin delightful.
The whistle makes me their god.
She wants to hunt, she doesn't want to hunt. Is this some female 'time of the month' thing?
Okay, so basically you're saying that every movie monster, every nightmare that I've ever had, that's all real.
Zombie-ghost orgy, huh? Well, that's it. I'm torching everybody.

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