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Can you name the UnSubs from Criminal Minds? Warning: may contain spoilers!

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Lost his parents in a house fire, became very attached to his sister, was beaten and driven out of town
Freelance musician, killed women for their voices
Killed 7 women before being hurt in a car accident, took a long break and then killed again
Pedophile who abducted two siblings while they were camping with their parents
Schizophrenic teenage girl obsessed with goth musician, collected blood from her victims
Used his son to lure away women
Hopped from traincars, killed people and spent time in their homes
Insomnia sufferer who was haunted by three people he killed in a fire
Tuberculosis sufferer who wanted to cleanse the city by killing homeless people and drenching them in bleach
Killed illegal Mexican immigrants as they were fleeing over the border
Psychotic young man who killed and cannibalized people and kidnapped a boy
A hypochondriac who used her victims as fertilizer
Glued the eyes of his victims open
Serial rapist who was shot by a BAU team member
Took of where her fiancé left after losing their baby, made constellation patterns
Wondered if anyone had seen him
Shot herself and Reid's love interest with one bullet
Killed a couple, framed a satanist group for it
Stalked a TV star, made a photo collage
Took a fictional book too seriously and planted bombs to warn people about technology
Abducted women and made them into 50's actresses, cut off their lips when they failed
Obsessive-compulsive serial killer who befriended a blind boy
The alcoholic female one of a duo who went on a killing spree as their honeymoon
Based his methods of killing on the Salem witch trials
Abducted psychologically fragile girls to teach them how to love themselves
The 'king' of the Face Cards
Abducted and killed her sister's rapists, dressed in a pig mask
Abducted children with the help of her husband, kept them for decades
South-African sniper hired by abusive ex-boyfriend
Hemophiliac who made paintings with his victims' blood
Relived painful memories from Srebenica, killed entire families
Traumatized from spending time in a conversion camp and being sexually abused to 'cure' him from homosexuality, left clocks at crime scenes

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