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Forced Order
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Who took over JJ's place in the team when she was on maternety leave?
What is Derek Morgan's nickname for Penelope Garcia?
What fatal illness Rossi's wife Caroline suffer from?
Which number is the UnSub in 'Compulsion' obsessed with?
Which song does the UnSub in 'Extreme Aggressor' listen to on when he can't sleep?
What is the name of Derek Morgan's cousin whose case they investigated in 'The Company'?
How many sisters does Derek Morgan have?
What was Penelope Garcia's hacking signature before she joined the BAU?
How many words can Spencer Reid read in one minute?
In which episode is the UnSub a storm chaser?
What is the name of Emily Prentiss' cat?
What is the name of Derek Morgan's dog?
What is the name of Jason Gideon's son?
Who did Jack Hotchner dress up as on Halloween in 'Devil's Night'?
How old was Penelope Garcia when her parents died?
In which episode does the UnSub make human marionettes?
What is the name of Spencer Reid's friend in New Orleans?
What is the name of Aaron Hotchner's (ex) sister-in-law?
Which language does Emily Prentiss speak fluently in 'Lessons learned'?
In which body part does Jason Gideon get shot in 'Extreme Aggressor'?
Which episode revolves around a goth musician?
Which actor plays the role of Adam Jackson/Amanda in 'Conflicted'?
What was the name of the baseball player who was Jason Gideon's idol when he was younger?
Who played the role of Kelly in 'To hell... and back'?
What is the name of the woman who leads the investigation in 'P911'?
Name one of the books that Max Allan Collin's wrote based on Criminal Minds
What is the 'game' that is played in 'Risky Business' called?
What is the name of JJ's sister who committed suicide?

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