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When life gives you arcs, you know what to make. And since it’s best served warm, you’ll need this to heat it up.AF
It’s some feat that these guys were supported by The Nails. Twice.T
I’m not counting, but someone’s been to the bathroom one more than a bakers’ dozen, and we’re not talking number twos.LTF
This is a plausible nickname for Messrs. Jefferson or Edison, if their sexual performance lasted for half a minute.TSTM
These roosters are very fond of public transport.B
A comic vacation, to Iraq or Afghanistan perhaps?TDW
Crafter of fine British bubbly chocolate bars.A
A most exquisite oyster marmalade.PJ
Essential kit for the extra-terrestrial entomologist.AAF
‘The Queen’s been on a diet for a while.’ ‘It’s obviously working!’TL
Perfect toilet material, such as a newspaper, or any other literature.LR
The most bashful computer hardware I’ve ever encountered.MM
In reply to your email concerning Miss Montana.R
ClueBand or ArtistInitials
Your Halloween decorations are really fantastic.SP
Cut the risk of those little white party pills in two.HD
Who does all this tug-of-war equipment belong to? It’s certainly not mine.E
My budgie thinks it’s something special when it shows off this party piece, but I think it just sounds like every other bird.CT
It might be in poor taste to take this torture equipment around the country, but I don’t care if it makes me some money.TR
If anyone has the tape of me peeing off the front of that ship in bright sunlight, could I have it back please?DB
I always get locked out of my house, so I made this handy tool to solve that using the thing that keeps my dog nearby.AK
Ever had the feeling that something’s making barrels in your hair? Then you’re dirty. You’re dirty.AC
There’s only one person who can spin one German composer’s superhero alter-ego, and he does it so often he’s worn himself right out.BTO
This party guest list is very specific: a Scottish child; a baby goat and a bunch of girls.BL
It can be difficult being a waterproof coat sometimes, and for those who cannot cope, I offer the following advice: run for the forests.FM
When building my bathroom, I decided I wanted a bath specifically to urinate in. I then showed how tired I was, before completing the room by deciding upon a toilet in US slang.PBAJ

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