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Can you unscramble the Eurovision Song Contest entry anagrams hidden in (imaginary) statements by the artists who performed them?

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AnagramSong titleCountry & year (Performer)
I didn't mean that I told literally everyone about our love, for that would even include the Queen and the NATION'S COURT, GAL.
We were very 'SUERTE', as we say in our language, when we gave our country another top three finish with this instant classic.
If you don't finally speed up that decision-making process, KIDNAPING YOUR MUM will be a last resort.
Well, I just want all people in the world to BE FRIENDS, HENCE I SIN just a little by using Eurovision to send my message out to the world.
I didn't expect the show stealers that would later JOIN: AQUA! ME! ME! EN fait, even Terry Wogan thought I had the most beautiful song by far.
After our country had been disqualified the year before, our participation was expected TO YIELD a good result. Some say 'Joke act!', we say 'Top ten, baby!'
What is so special about our song, you're asking? Well, I guess that it's the third man in our TRINITY. HE SKIPS the English language and goes fully native.
Probably the dude in our song won't leave home after all. Could be he takes a holiday OR FAKES SOME VIRUS. YES, that seems plausible.
As I said: If you want to do well, don't dance SHYLY, ADD A bit of sex and set the crowd on fire.
If you have a talent, a wonderful thing, see it as a TOOL, WEAR it and you can win the whole thing – even with a song about defeat!
I didn't go into the competition as a favourite, but eventually I won by A MILE. A JIVE is sometimes all it takes to wake up the juries, I guess.
I wanted his BOD, AND I got a thief! No wonder me and my partner looked so angry on stage!
I did not only sing this song as a favour to my sister but ALSO PROMISED A bit of art to be brought on the Eurovision stage.
AnagramSong titleCountry & year (Performer)
PUN ODE, DEUCE! I POSE, PEEP! ORE tenus has it that I am nothing but a marionette to you. Anything true about that, Mr songwriter?
The year I competed in, everyone was just talking about Nordic bloc voting. What a CRIME! I CHEER anyway as I still managed to outplay them all with my classy ballad.
Many people loved our song, but some felt the title was a bit RANDOM. AGREE?
I keep telling you how much I love everything about you, from her head to YOUR LEAN TO, HONEY. The audience seemed to agree – the juries not so much, though.
Now that victory came EX NIHILIO – PEAKERS we had hardly been for years. So I guess the extravaganza I brought on stage was just what my country needed.
Some people said my dress was so terrible, it should have gotten me into JAIL. JEANS, DIM colours and more classy earrings would have been a better choice, I suppose.
I had already given my country a very good placing a couple of years ago, so I feared another go might make A VEN NAME SINK. Didn't happen.
A year AGO, HINTING AT my country's participation in the Eurovision Song Contest would have still been considered a joke. But here we are!
I convinced the juries right away with my beautiful ballad, in which I took the listeners back to my youth – a time of fresh AIR, FERN green meadows and young love.
I may not be the winner here, but my participation is all ABOUT A HIT THAT JOLLIES those viewers that have gotten slightly bored by all those folk ballads!
When our country won after so many last places, everybody thought it was a SWINDLE. GET A life, you fools, we won this fair and square!
EY, AUTHOR! VETO! AM KEEN to sing the last verse in another language if I win and no one's gonna stop me!

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