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Can you name the kids shows that were on during the 2000's given 3 key words?

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3 Word ClueTV Show
Skidoo, Letter, Magenta
Pineapple, Sandy, Patties
Mystery, Monsters, Snacks
Talk, Hands, Grampu
Remote, Brothers, Sound-Effects
Animals, Pretend, Snack
Fireside, Bust, -inator
Twins, Hotel, Boston
Guys, You, Hey
Hola, Backpack, Map
School, Ship, London
3 Word ClueTV Show
Tools, Fixit, Kelly
Freezer, Subs, Harper
Turtle, Trouble, Teamwork
Animals, Click, Rescue
Dog, Soup, Helen
Yellow, Mischief, Gnocchi
Vocabulary, Villains, Bob
Classical, Big Jet, Rocket
Cosby, B, Hat
Trash, Bird, Hooper
Experiments, Circle, Susie

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