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Can you name the character's last name (which is also in the movie title) that the actor received an Oscar nomination for playing?

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ActorCharacter Last Name
Frank Langella
Gary Cooper
José Ferrer
George Clooney
Ed Harris
Tom Cruise
Johnny Depp
Roland Young
Fredric March
Paul Muni
Charlton Heston
Gary Busey
Richard Burton
Walter Pidgeon
Larry Parks
Gerard Depardieu
Al Pacino
Claude Rains
Peter Sellers
Leonardo DiCaprio
Liam Neeson
Walter Huston
George C. Scott
Albert Finney
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Alexander Knox
Woody Harrelson
George Arliss
ActorCharacter Last Name
Orson Welles
Jack Nicholson
Dustin Hoffman
Brad Pitt
Bryan Cranston
Will Smith
Peter O'Toole
Sean Penn
Terence Stamp
Anthony Quinn
Raymond Massey
Casey Affleck
Daniel Day-Lewis
Burt Lancaster
James Stewart
Richard Dreyfuss
Dan O'Herlihy
Michael Fassbender
Anthony Hopkins
Tom Hanks
Robert Downey Jr.
Ronald Colman
Justin Henry
William Hickey
Matt Damon
Ben Kingsley
Marlon Brando

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