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involved in learning, memory, stress and emotion
involved in understanding emotion and emotional valence
important to hunger, thirst, thermoregulation and sex
what does stress heighten in the short term
what does stress weaken
three aspects of development
hpa axis areas and hormones in order
activity dependent changes in behavior and neural activity
2 forms of non-associative conditioning
2 forms of associative conditioning
possible location of learning and learning-related responses
who searched the cortex for #11
2 concepts theorized by #12
krupa & kalat's experiment having to do with #11
needed for actual learning processes discovered by k&k
needed to actually enact or demonstrate learned behaviors (k&k)
hm's anterograde amnesia lead to the conclusion that the hippocampus is involved in...
3 forms of declarative v. procedural memory associated with hippocampus
process (with glutamate, sodium, calcium & magnesium) leading to strengthening synapses and a physical change in them for learning
receptors in the LTP process
4 aspects of language
theoretical stand alone device for language unique to humans
frontal area in the brain with the function of language and speech
damage to #23 causes
place with the function of comprehension and listening
damage to #25 causes
categorical perception of the relationship between the mouth opening and utterance
3 symptoms of autism
name of theory: prenatal developmental abnormalities --> subtle anatomical problems --> overt behavioral problems
mind-body problem theory of mind and physical world existing separately
only the physical world exists
3 theories of #31
not rigorous test of machine's having a conscious
simple program acting as a client-centered therapist
study that concluded that machines do not have conscious
theories imported from physics
area activated by feeling of disgust
endorphins are endogenous form of what drug
sodium-potassium pump moves what/how many out and what/how many in
neurotransmitters are stored where
part of PNS that has movement you are in control of
PNS that has things you are unaware of (sympathetic/parasympathetic)

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