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When is his birth date? (Month Date, Year)
What is his blood type?
He recently gained attention for correcting pronounciation of which famous Korean food?
What is his first drama appearance? (Not inlcuding cameo appearances)
His rumored trainee girlfriend was supposed to debut as a member of which girl group?
What mv did he first appear in? (This is pre-debut)
What is his favorite book? (One that he reads the most)
Who is his famous sunbae look-alike?
What is his favorite song? (English)
His stage talisman is a?
He is the first male endorser of what cosmetic brand?
He modeled for which famous fashion designer? (in 2010)
He won his first acting award for which drama?
Who is his only sibling?
What is his solo song for Super Show 3? (English)
QuestionsAnswersMore Trivia
What girl group mv did he recently appear in? (2009)
He auditioned in what casting system?
What is the English title of his first solo OST song?
What is his twitter account?
Not including cameo appearances, how many dramas has he appeared in? (Enter in numbers)
Who is his character in his first movie?
What is his solo song for Super Show 4? (English)
What is the title of the drama for his first lead role?
He shares his registered birthday with which label-mate?
What is his solo song for Super Show 2? (English)
He can play which musical instrument? (Only one of two possible answers)
What is his favorite season? (English)
What is his favorite beverage?
He is famous for which body part?
He is known to be good in what type of martial art?

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