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QUIZ: Can you name the Hunger games characters by phrases?

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Prim's dead? Now I have to live with that girl who tried to drown me!
I warned katniss about the tracker jacket nest. She sang to me while I took my last breaths.
Ooh yum! Nightlock is SO edible! Not
Oh ya I'll just give away my dead aunts pin to some girl going in the arena...
Gimme more morphling, katniss
Ok where's the liquor?!
I think I'll just lie and tell the world katniss is pregnant today! ;)
I just watched my baby sister become a human torch!!
Tick tock. Tick tock.
Covering my ears blocks out the badness of the world, right?
I died when thresh jammed a stone into my skull
I died when katniss dropped those gross insects on my pretty little blond head
I am an avox who katniss and gale didn't bother in the woods
I was in the 75th hunger games from district 8. I sound like a dog
Yes! Katniss will shoot snow and I will become president!!! Wait. Why is that arrow coming towards me...?!
Lookin good in sailors outfit, I love tridents, and SECRETS. do you have any?
Ahhh! Muttations!
Just eat the soup
Yes, I am still alive. Nobody found me with my metallic gold hair?! Jeez
I TOTALLY wish I was a tiger, so I had my face altered to look like one in the Capitol. I own a fur shop

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