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1. Old-style auto found amid downtown carnage 
4. Ripped coat eaten at a Mexican restaurant 
7. Bonds around cool rants 
8. Soft leather moved back and forth, reportedly 
10. Card game invented by Eli Whitney 
11. Six-monarch Norseman 
13. Red goddess of discord in the Common Era 
15. Canadian insult for a firefighter or gardener? 
16. Religious person trapped in conundrum 
17. Sent mail from a remote military camp? 
19. Columnist Landers consumed by human nature 
20. Headless bear to cause destruction 
21. Mediocre note, repeated 
1. The things I'm indicating: tangled sheet 
2. Used to be a scary prefix for 'wolf' 
3. I hear a queen's in charge of what clouds are doing 
5. 'Summer Back' singer said to be a Bee Gee's kid 
6. Actor Bean; alternatively, Bean Jr. 
9. Scream when seven-day period loses its start 
11. Quite confined in river yacht 
12. Algerian port: a colorful start 
13. Greek islanders sound like idiots 
14. Resist deranged sibling 
15. Painter Frans, actor Linden and actor Holbrook 
17. Units found in Indonesia 
18. Death notice: Ananiel's grandson beheaded 

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