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Can you unscramble the names of these Sporcle badges?

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HintAnswerBadge Requirements
ilvsre laptertPlayed 25,000 total quizzes
uqeit aleeipnditrsGot 100% on Presidents of the US
iebhskk or tusbPlayed 25 total Kyrgyzstan games
asoilc lbrtuteyfConnected your profile to both Facebook and Twitter
yuppp wrpeoGot 100% on Dog Breeds by Puppies
clicakebl sahlkemcicbPlayed 1000 Clickable games
negxvi gilellvooxyGot 100% on Flags of the World
ogtePlayed 10 games each from Emmys, Grammys, Tonys, and Oscars
gpeoemha rheoHad 10 games published to the Sporcle homepage
ppyah asroprsceylrvePlayed 10 games on your Sporcle birthday
ndorau het olwdrGot 100% on Countries of the World
amsprel ltptreaPlayed a game from each category
pscolra cmu aueldSet a school in your profile
tosrk ltsrekaPlayed 25 total Baby Names games
eordveosPlayed at least 25 games in one day
HintAnswerBadge Requirements
asehnk otn ietrdrsPlayed 25 total James Bond games
gsray ptsrso lmacanaPlayed 1000 total games in Sports
oobmag qushisrePlayed 25 total Mario games
akbres noezdPlayed at least one game for thirteen consecutive days
rreeetdttsnReferred 5 friends to Sporcle
ddheutnomreWon 100 challenges against other users
kboormwoPlayed 1000 total games in Literature
sapomtrset ngrleaeGot 50% or better on Street Suffixes
uceyntr ubclPlayed at least one game for one hundred consecutive days
igtlghnin nuordPlayed 250 Blitz games
htsta no oomnPlayed 50 total Star Wars quizzes
eth siftr ofiloGot 100% on Shakespeare Plays
acll fo eth ilwdPlayed 50 total animal quizzes
bneiweCreated and verified an account on Sporcle
fntiy ifytfGot 100% on 50 States

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