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What won't Dennis Burn?
What is Dennis' dream gift?
Who is Dee always leading on?
Whats up ______?
Charlie goes ______ all over everones a$$es
How do you quite a noisy cat?
What did Paddy's play a role in in 1776
What is Mac's real name?
What animal stares Frank down in the woods?
What does the pizza delivery guy want in exchange for helping Mac and Charlie out of the pool?
Who would win in a game of basketball, Ducks or Wildcats?
Who pooped the bed?
What game does Frank want to play with Charlie again?
Who is illiterate?
Who is Fat?
What is dayman the master of?
Why wouldn't a women refuse to make love while at sea?
What do Mac and Dennis try to do with their Paddy's dollars?
Who holds the gang hostage?
What is the name of Dee's special toy?
Where do Frank and Charlie hang out alot?
What should you imagine a hockey puck as when first learning how to swing?
Who is Charlie in love with?
Who is Franks favorite male model?
What is the destination of the Gang's road trip?
Who is the person Mac bangs who he deffinately shouldn't have?
What vehicle does Dennis have?
What does Charlie think the closed sign say?
What does Frank almost always have on him?
Dennis thinks he is the ________ of his highschool at the reunion?
What was Dee's highschool nickname?
Who is Fatty Mcgoo
Who is Charlie's landlord?
What contraversial role does Mac play in Lethal Weapon 5
Why is the dumpster baby not fit for T.V.?

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