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Can you name the terms with the word 'mind' in them??

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Band famous for the song 'Don't You Forget About Me'
A code-breaking game or another word for genius
Billy Joel classic off the 1976 album, 'Turnstiles'
Psychological tactic commonly known as 'brainwashing'
Comedy Central series starring comedian Carlos Mencia
1969 Elvis Presley song about a dysfunctional relationship
Common English saying which asks for a respect of privacy
Nirvana's 2nd album featuring a picture of a baby underwater on the cover
A phrase referring to paranormal phenomena and the power of concentration
Warning often seen at subway and train stations around the world
Country song that was originally recorded by Brenda Lee but remade by others including Willie Nelson and Michael Buble
2009 Jay-Z and Alicia Keys hit off the 'Blueprint 3' album
1930 book by American psychiatrist Karl Menninger
2004 comedy-drama starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet
1960 Ray Charles hit from 'The Genius Hits The Road' album
The human ability for visualization and mental imagery
1977 Sex Pistols album that was originally titled God Save Sex Pistols
A diagram used to represent words, ideas, and tasks linked to a central key word or idea
An alcoholic drink with vodka, Kahlua, and tonic water or a ride at Six Flags
2006 song by The Killers with a music video that takes place in Japan

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