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Can you guess the Dream SMP character by their quote? *THESE WILL NOT BE SUPER OBVIOUS, THEY ARE A LITTLE MORE OBSCURE*

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Forced Order
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'I wanna see WHITE FLAGS, outside your base, by tomorrow, at dawn, or you are DEAD'
'Theres a war going on? Umm...I don't think they're having a war right now'
'I'm a bad b*tch you can't kill me'
'I'm cracked at the Craft'
'I got a name tag! No fuc-' *gets banned from teamspeak*
'What is this, huh? Cat got your tongue?'
'Manburg, Pogtopia, who cares!?'
'If this is what I've become, then I don't wanna be me anymore'
'This is, like, he described me as a pawn...This is checkmate. This is it.'
'If I can't make people smile, I'll make them cry'
'I'm sorry Dream, but you should've payed me more'
'This better be good'
'I am a long, slow-burning fuse, but I'm telling you now, over the next couple weeks, I'm gonna be a different man than the one Jschlatt crossed'
'Well...That was pretty easy'
'Bad, we are going to rule this world. We are the most powerful people on this server'
'Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it'
'I think it's our turn in the spotlight'
'We've been overlooked for way too long'
'Dream has a lot of people on his side. So trust nobody'
'Don't forget who you are'
'Bad deeds cause bad people to do bad things'
'That's all I was to you, a weapon. Well guess what?! I'm choosing what I fight for now'
'Long live the Eggpire'
'Things, buildings, they can be replaced! People can't be replaced. I'm not losing anyone else'
You're just a conflicted person, not a bad person... And I hope you find what you're looking for'
'Why are the villains never held accountable?'
'I'm sorry that whoever I am friends with doesn't correlate with whatever country you're affiliated with this week!'
'I sowed the seeds of peace, and yet I'm the one who pays for war'
'Ayyyyyyyy, Mamacita!'

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