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I have compiled a list of facts from Harry Potter, especially those that are easily overlooked. Can you answer all the questions correctly?

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What fruit must be tickled in order to gain access to the kitchens?
What is the correct order of the Marauders names?
What is the name of Hepzibah Smith’s house elf?
What form does Hermione’s Boggart take?
Where was Madame Marsh traveling to via the Knight Bus in 1993?
What was the final score of the 422nd World Quidditch Cup
What year did Lily and James Potter die in?
Which ear did George Weasley lose?
What color is the Drink Of Despair?
What floor of the Grunning’s Building is Uncle Vernon’s office on?
What was James Potters wand exceptionally good for?
What kind of nut was the Golden Snitch compared to?
When Sirius Black broke into Hogwarts, what color were the sleeping bags the students slept in?
How did Frank Bryce injure his leg?
How many times did Moody put the Imperious Curse on Harry before he could “throw of the curse entirely”?
Which department at the Ministry did Bertha Jorkins work in?
What color is the feather on Fred and George’s headless hats?
How many points does Harry earn for his performance in the Second Task?
What ingredient in Polyjuice Potion needs to be picked at the full moon?
What grade does Harry get on his Herbology O.W.L.?

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