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Can you name the Thoracic Cavity Muscles?

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what muscle rotates the trunk
What inserts to the first two ribs
Where does this muscle originate
What movement do the Pectorialis initiate?
What originates on the midline of the neck & ligament between C3-T9?
What movement does the serratus ventralis initiate?
Which two muscles retract the limb?
What attaches to the base of the skull & humerous?
Where does this muscle originate?
Where does the serratus dorsalis originate?
what moves the head up/down?
What does the scalenus do?
What inserts on the face of the medial scapula?
What does the omotransversiarus do?
What originates on T6-T13 and L?
What direction do the fibres then run?
What direction does the external abdominal oblique run?
What other muscle rotates the scapula?
What moves the limb up/down?
What moves the ribs up and out?
What originates on the caudal section of the sternum?
Which 3 muscles insert to the humerous?
Which 2 muscles attatch to the spine of scapula?
What originates on the midline of the neck and spinious processes of T1-T7?

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