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The Drive
How many yards was it? 
Who caught the TD Pass? 
Ghost to the Post
Who threw it? 
Who caught it? 
The Holy Roller
Who rolled the football? 
Who recovered the roll in the end zone? 
The Immaculate Reception
Who threw it? 
Who caught it? 
The Immaculate Deflection(2009)
Who caught the pass? 
The Fumble
Who fumbled the ball? 
Who forced the fumble? 
What yard line was the fumble recovered on? 
Red Right 88
What other name is this play known by? 
Who threw the INT? 
Who was the intended receiver? 
Who intercepted the ball? 
1958 Championship
Who scored the game-winning TD in OT? 
What Colt player broke his leg in the 4th quarter? 
The Catch
Who threw the game-winning TD pass? 
Who caught the game-winning TD pass? 
What Cowboy player fumbled on the last play of the game? 
Super Bowl XLII
Who threw the miracle pass late in the game? 
Who caught the miracle pass late in the game? 
Who was defending on the miracle pass late in the game? 
The Comeback
What QB led the comeback? 
What was the final score? 
Leon Lett
Who were the Cowboys playing against when Leon infamously tried to recover a missed FG? 
What player stripped Leon at the goal line in Super Bowl XXVII? 
Super Bowl XXIII
Who caught the game-winning TD pass? 
Who did Joe Montana famously spot in the front row during a timeout? 
Who laid a big hit on Ickey Woods in the 1st quarter that stopped all of Ickey's momentum? 
Miracle in the Meadowlands
What QB fumbled the ball? 
What RB told the QB 'I'm not taking the ball'? 
Who recovered the idiotic fumble? 
Coaching Rants
Dennis Green: 'The (answer) are who we thought they were!' 
Jim Mora: '(answer)? Don't talk about (answer)! (answer)?' 
Herman Edwards: 'You play to (answer).' 
Who does Mike Singletary want? 
The Original Hail Mary
Who threw it? 
Who caught it? 
Who defended it? (and got pushed off) 
The Sea of Hands
Who threw the pass? 
Who caught the pass? 
How many defenders were near the person who caught it? 
The Music City Miracle
Who received the kickoff and handed the ball off? 
Who threw the lateral? 
Who caught the lateral and scored? 
The Tuck Rule
Who blitzed Tom Brady and caused the 'incomplete pass?' 
Is the Tuck Rule a bad rule? 
Super Bowl XXXIV
What receiver was stopped one yard short of the goal line on the last play of the game? 
Who made the tackle on the last play of the game? 
The Ice Bowl
Who scored the game-winning TD? 
Marcus Allen's Super Bowl Run
How many yards was it? 
John Riggins' Super Bowl Run
What move did Riggins use to get rid of a defender? 
Wide Right
What kicker kicked the infamous miss? 

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