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How long did the Battle of the Atlantic last?
What was the name for WW2 German submarines?
What was the name for the periods when German submariners achieved significant success while hunting?
What was the primary weapon of the German submarines?
What was the name of the WW2 German Navy?
What was the term for German submarines that hunted together?
Who was the most successful German submarine commander?
What does GRT represent?
What battleship did Günther Prien sink in Scalia Flow?
What was the designation of the convoy scattered on July 4, 1942
What technology did the Allies make use of to hunt submarines?
What was the policy that allowed submarines to target any ship they came across?
In what occupied country were many of the U-Boat pens located?
What was the name of the class of quickly manufactured merchant ships for the war effort?
How many U-Boats were lost during the battle?

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