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description_____ from the black lagoon
a dark phantom figure wreaking havoc, making it hot all summer and freezing cold in winter
feeds kids to the alligator she keeps in her office'
fire-breathing monster
big, mean, and blows his whistle a lot'
'uses a thermometer the size of a flagpole'
Also known as 'The Laminator' if she catches you whispering, you're laminated
drives as if he's racing the indy 500 and makes the kids rebuild the engine when it breaks down
she drives a garbage truck to school
A Valkyries who comes armed with a pitchfork and sends kids to a prison called Sing-Sing
turn into horrible ghouls when they get to school
description_____ from the black lagoon
makes kids paint with their feet
'will it have fangs,horns, and headlights?'
'from mars really trying to take over the world
cruel ghoul with 8 arms who hangs kids by their thumbs
'9 feet tall who crashes through walls and hurls students into outer space'
she has an electric personality, she might just shock you with it.
beat up the football team and ate the teacher's pet
2 headed monster who like to build bridges in peoples mouths
lock you in a closet until you buy some books

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