Television Quiz / OUAT Episodes by TV Tropes (Season 7)

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Distinguishing Mark; I Have Your Wife; Dragon With an Agenda
Karma Houdini Warranty; Rousing Speech; Darkest Hour
Gaia's Vengeance; Find The Cure!; Room Full of Crazy
Cloud Cuckoolander; Who Wants To Live Forever?; Prophecy Twist
Hostile Weather; Growing Up Sucks; Stable Time Loop
Crash-Into Hello; Right For the Wrong Reasons; History Repeats
Tragic Keepsake; I Know You Know I Know; Orbital Kiss
Friendless Background; Meet Cute; Tarot Motifs
Strange Secret Entrance; Explain, Explain...Oh Crap!; Heel Realization
Evil vs. Evil; The Power of Trust; Be All My Sins Remembered
Death by Adaptation; Fire Forged Friendship; An Offer You Can't Refuse
Message In a Bottle; Playing Drunk; Fighter, Mage, Thief
Saying Too Much; To Know Him, I Must Become Him; Alone With the Psycho
Sadistic Choice; The Atoner; Evil Cannot Comprehend Good
Clingy MacGuffin; All For Nothing; This Is Unforgivable!
Honor Before Reason; Chess Motifs; Duel to the Death
Mommy Issues; A Birthday, Not a Break; Your Princess Is In Another Castle
Spotting the Thread; Express Delivery; Out-Gambitted
Composite Character; Secret Test of Character; Breaking Speech
Die or Fly; Cutting the Knot; Something Only They Would Say
Heel-Face Door Slam; Taking You With Me; Cutting the Knot
Control Freak; Manipulative Bastard; Mystery Arc
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