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Can you identify the various Buffyverse character names when given an alternate context?

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Alternate UseNameExtra Info
____ Mertz
What some people might refer to Joss Whedon as
The _____ Gabriel
Life of _____
Steve _______
There is a ______ grows aslant a brook
Alfred B. ______ Gardens State Park, Tallahassee, FL
____ Neeson
________ Banks, Disney's Mary Poppins
_____ Michaels
______, Country Antrim, Northern Ireland
____ plantation
101st episode of 'How I Met Your Mother'
_____ bank
_______ Hart
___ Haakonsdottir of Lade, Viking Queen
_________ the Great
The _______ of the Worlds by Johannes Kepler
____ Garnis
A type of mushroom
Greek version of Aegidius
______ Estate, Tennessee
_______, ancient region of Southern Europe
Prayer of St. _______
__: the Great and Powerful
____ Aldrin
Alternate UseNameExtra Info
Ozzy and Sharon ________
Jack the ______
One of the stepsisters in Disney's Cinderella
Roddy _____, Irish writer
______ Grint
_______ Schulz
What shall ________ do? Love, and be silent
____ Sullivan/____ of Cleves
Julius and Ethel _________
Ezekiel, ______, Hosea
Demonym of a Nordic country
Tim ____
Eos is the goddess of ____ in Greek mythology
_______, Duke of Normandy
_____ Hill, country/pop singer
_____ Hood, actress
Isle of ______, Scotland
Dennis ______
_______ Domini nuntiavit MariƦ
Birth name of Boris Karloff
_____town, PA
_____ Jonze
John ______
______ Lloyd Webber
_____ Fargo

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