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Can you identify where certain Buffyverse episodes get their names from?

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Forced Order
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SourceEpisodeAdditional Information
Variation on a classic saying regarding romantic relationships
Isaac Asimov novel/Will Smith movie AND Tarzan
Variation on a classic saying regarding perception
Common phrase in instruction manuals
Variation on a blockbuster Bruce Willis film franchise
Historical period following the collapse of the Holy Roman Empire
American game show
Song from Pal Joey
Motörhead song
Song famously covered by The Flamingos
Popular children's card game
Album by Oingo Boingo
A variation on 1 Corinthians 13:13
English variation on a French folktale
Elvis Costello song
House-making material in a certain fairy tale
The Marx Brothers
Another name for personal ads
Idiom for not knowing
The only thing we have to fear is ____ ______. -FDR
Patsy Cline song
Variation on a E.M. Forster novel
Barry Gifford novel/David Lynch film
Variation on a Jane Austen novel
Sarah MacLachlan song
Last line of a wedding-related rhyme
Variation on a classic saying starting with 'There's no...'
Frank Sinatra song
Elvis Costello song
One of Jesus' parables about a father and son
SourceEpisodeAdditional Information
Children's book by Maurice Sendak
Radio operation phrase
Eugenia Price book
Mrs. Ono
Variation on a William Friedkin movie
Start of a question often asked during 1950s Congressional hearings
One of the last lines of 'The Wizard of Oz'
Variation on a common gendered saying
Sam Shepard play
Stephen Sondheim musical
Variation on a military action from the Crimean War
Song from 'The Wizard of Oz'
Lewis Carroll's second novel
Variation on a line from 'The Wizard of Oz'
Variation on Latin phrase famously used in 'Dead Poets Society'
Pun on a common cereal brand name
Epistemological theory regarding human knowledge and experience
AC/DC song
Line from 'The Second Coming' by William Butler Yeats
A popular party game
Variation on a Francis Ford Coppola movie
Line from an English folk song
1982 song by The Police
Variatiion on the writ requiring a person under arrest to be brought before a judge
Variation on a Eugene O'Neill play
Greek mythological figure who travelled to Hades to rescue his wife
R.E.M. song
A theory regarding the JFK assassination
Common 'hippie' greeting
1937 musical comedy

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