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Can you name the MLB Ballparks by locating them via Google Maps and clicking on them?

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NOTES: Game begins when you click to submit the first answer, so you kinda get a freebie on the first one as far as time goes. You WILL NOT get a code until all 30 answers are completed. The easiest way to navigate the map is zooming in and out with the mouse wheel (if you have one) WHILE HOLDING THE SHIFT KEY & positioning the mouse where the zoom point is - holding the SHIFT key prevents the page from scrolling at the same time. Do NOT double click the map to zoom, that will submit an answer. You CAN click and drag without submitting an answer, but make sure a dragging motion accompanies a click otherwise an answer will be submitted. Clicking anywhere on the ballpark itself will assure you of the 10 points for being with 0.1 miles. Outside 5 miles yields 0 points.
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300 Points (< 8 Minutes)
300 Points (< 10 Minutes)
300 Points (< 15 Minutes)
300 Points (15+ Minutes)
250 Points (< 8 Minutes)
250 Points (< 10 Minutes)
250 Points (< 15 Minutes)
250 Points (15+ Minutes)
200 Points (< 8 Minutes)
200 Points (< 10 Minutes)
200 Points (< 15 Minutes)
200 Points (15+ Minutes)
150 Points (< 8 Minutes)
150 Points (< 10 Minutes)
150 Points (< 15 Minutes)
150 Points (15+ Minutes)
100 Points (< 8 Minutes)
100 Points (< 10 Minutes)
100 Points (< 15 Minutes)
100 Points (15+ Minutes)

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