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What year did Camp Crosley first start?
What year did Camp Crosley get its name 'Camp Crosley'?
The name of the first camp director at Crosley?
Name of the town Camp Crosley is in?
Who is Camp Crosley named after?
In 1925 what famous Notre Dame football coach ran a summer football program at Crosley?
What lake is Camp Crosley on?
What year were girls first allowed to attend a regular session of camp?
What year was the Ball Wetland Nature Preserve deeded to Camp Crosley?
Name one of the 4 character values at Crosley?
Who is the current executive director at Camp Crosley now?
Monday is represented by what Character Value?
What does NTV stand for at Crosley?
What was the total amount of staff we have during the summer of 2013 at Crosley?
How many states were represented from the campers at Crosley for summer of 2013?

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