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Can you name the Rick Reilly's Athlete drinks?

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The DrinkPlayer/CoachSport
Pineapple Juice and vodka... Drink one and you'll want 13 moreGolf
Like an Arnold Palmer, only a little betterGolf
By the time it comes, you've changed your mindFootball
Chaser OnlyBasketball
You can order it but it never shows up Basketball
Tastes like a tootsie rollFootball (coach)
Comes with a shotBaseball
Your dad orders it for youCollege Football
It is what you think it isFootball (Coach)
Really good by the sixth roundFootball
A little hair of the dog that should have bitten youFootball
Served with a mirrored glass so you can watch yourself drink itBasketball
The DrinkPlayer/CoachSport
It's Free!College Football
Only one ice cubeCycling
After one, you cannot be seriousTennis
Comes spikedVolleyball
Served very straightFootball
Water with a water chaserSwimming
You drink it for a little while, then they take it backFootball
Comes with extra bittersCollege Football (Coach)
A white Russian, HotTennis
Hold the BrandyBasketball
You drink it with both handsTennis
Careful: it goes straight to your headBaseball

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