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2 improvements in travel
definition of textile industry
What 2 things did the immigrants have to face
Improvement in communication
what 2 bodies did the erie canal connect
Who was Samuel Morse
what was used to send out the morse code
what 2 inventions did Eli Whitney invented
What did lower south become known as and why
2 kinds of slaves
what were the 2 most important things to slaves
What did slaves sing to keep their hope for a better future
Workers began to join together and form labor unions to protect their...
What did labor unions want
Factory owners wanted immigrants from...
Labor union
What was increased in the growth of industries
What did the industrial revolution bring
industrial revolution
temperance movement
What did women take place in that created the seneca falls declaration
What did women try doing to the injustices
who were the first people who were first to try to abolish slavery
which newspaper did William Lloyd garrison write that was against slavery
which movement was Horance Mann the leader of

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