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Wrote Silent Springs in 1962
in 1974 determined that CFCs destory stratospheric ozone (last names)
British economist; said 'continual increase of the human population will lead to war, disease, and pestilence
vouched for use of sustainable yield;first chief of US Forest Service
co-coined the theory of island biogeography along with Robert MacArthur
published THE POPULATION BOMB in 1968
won nobel prize in '04 for the 'Greenbelt Movement'
US President who established the first National Wildlife Refuge
Published 'The Tragedy of the Commons' in 1968
Wrote 'A Sand County Almanac';promonted the idea of 'Land Ethic'
Founded Sierra Club in 1892; fought unsuccessfully to prevent a dam in Yosemite
Large inland Sea in former Soviet Union that is drying up;due to water diversion for irrigation salinity is rising
Large inland lake in California that is drying up;due to water diversion for irrigation salinity is rising
World's largest aquifer; located in midwestern US; contains enough water to cover US in 1.5 feet of water; being depleted for agriculture and urban use
worlds largest dam;located on Yangtze River, China; submereged ecosystems,cities, displaced 2 million people
largest oil spill in US waters happened here on March 24, 1989 in Prince William Sound; 260,000 barrels of oil
poisonous methyl isocyanate gas was released here in December 2, 1984; killed 5,000 people and serious health effects for 50,000-60,000 others
Largest estuary in US; lies betweenMaryland and Virgina; declared a dead zone in 1970s due to cultural eutrophication
buried hazardous chemicals in Niagara Falls, New York leaked into homes and school; lead to the passage of CERCLA (Superfund Act)
the silt that made Nile River Region fertie built up in this resovoire; lack of irrigation causes waterloggin and salinization;schistosomiasis thrives in these stagnant waters
on March 29, 1979 the emergency cooling of a nuclear facility was shutdown leading to a partial core meltdown; eventually some gas let out to avoid a more serious accident
mercury dumping into this bay in Japan lead to mental impairments, birth defects, and deaths; this mercury was converted into methylmercury, bioaccumulated in fish and biomagnified
proposed site for nuclear waste in Nevada; critics were concerned about proximity to a volcano and transportation of nuclear waste
April 26, 1986 a nuclear explosion in this city and country led to unsafe levels of radiation throughtout Europe
TVA's power plant near Knoxville had a wall breach which lead to a 1 billion gallon spill of mercury and arsenic containing sludge into this river in Tennessee

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