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Can you name the musical by bad description and year?

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The one with that girl who wants to be on tv but shes not allowed, and then she dances and gets one. Then her friends get on too
The one with that guy who lives in the city and is kinda poor but then he wins some money and decides to leave but then he realizes he's been home all along.
That one where the girl comes to New York and then wants to marry one guy but falls for the other and this Asian guy kidnaps a girl.
The one where these people are poor and try to help their sick friend who killed a dog, then a movie is made at the end.
That one where this guy hears this girl sing and puts her on the radio, and they fall in love but they can't because they're different races.
The one where this guy bets another guy he can't get a girl, but he does and says he doesn't and then they go to church or something, then people get married.
That one where the guy sells stuff to a town and falls in love with this conservative chick and then the whole town plays instruments.
The one withthe guy who stole something then promises a prostitue to help her and then saves a boy from a cop who eventually kills himself, then everyone dies.
This girl gets adopted and falls for some guy who's rich and they can't be together but they try. Then she dies.
The one where that guy sits the whole show and everyone gets married at the end on a plane.
That one where these ladies murder guys and sing about it, then the main character gets away with it and becomes famous.
The one where the guy kills this Italian dude then him and this lady feed people to other people then a bunch of people die.

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