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Can you name the Hunger Games characters that start with A to W from clues?

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AFinnick Odair's wife, and victor of the 70th Hunger Games
BThe male tribute from District 2 in the 75th Hunger Games
CKatniss's stylist who designed all of her fabulous dresses
DDistrict 12 peacekeeper who is turned into an avox after interfering in Gale's whipping
EPink-haired chaperone for District 12's tributes from the Capitol
FNickname for the red-headed female tribute from District 5 in the 74th Hunger Games
GHe is Katniss's best friend and hunting partner from District 12
HKatniss and Peeta's often drunk mentor from District 12
JFemale tribute from District 7. She makes an alliance with Katniss during the 75th Hunger Games
KThe Girl on Fire AKA Catnip AKA Co-winner of the 74th Hunger Games
LDistrict 2 rebellion commander and former Hunger Games victor
MThe male tribute from District 1 in the 74th Hunger Games. He kills Rue.
PThe Gamemaker for the 75th Hunger Games and rebel ally
OMember of Katniss's prep team with Flavius who is kidnapped by District 13
R12-year-old tribute from District 11 who allies herself with Katniss
SGamemaker of the 74th Hunger Games, who dies for letting both win
TDistrict 11 tribute who kills Clove and spares the life of the heroine
VMember of Katniss's prep team with Flavius who is kidnapped by District 13
WDistrict 3 tribute from the 75th Hunger Games who says 'Tick tock, tick tock...'

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