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What is the capital of Fiji?
Who sang the song 'Bridge over Troubled Water'?
Who wrote 'Animal Farm'?
The Peace of Westphalia is written in what country?
What language made Lejzer Zamenhof that should function as the international language?
What is the first type of car that Volkwagen made?
Who sang 'Pretty Woman'?
What band made the introtune of the Bourne trilogy?
Colombia borders how many different countries?
What is the former currency of the Netherlands?
What is the most visited webpage in 2011?
What is the name of the expelled former ruler of Tunisia?
What country became indepent on the 9th of July 2011?
What is the fourth president of the USA?
Where does sprouts figuratively come from?
What is the carachter name of Mel Gibson in Braveheart?
What is the Greek word for 'people'?
What is hungry in Italian?
What is the term used to describe the Italian unification?
Keira Knightley had been nominated for an Academy Award for a role in what serie?
What team won the rugby union World Cup in New Zealand?
What baseball team won the World cup in Panama?
In what country is the headquarter of air line RyanAir based?
Name the two colours Pino from Sesame Street have internationally?
Salt Lake City is the capital from what US State?
The greatest lake in the world is...
What creature in the Chinese zodiac will follow the ox?
Who is the current leader from the European Commission
What is the anthem of the European Union?
What French president heavily resisted against European Initegration
What is the most famous Konzentrationslager?
Who wrote the Kinder- und Hausmärchen?
Who sang Paradise City?
The U in UB40 stand for...
How is the Italian anice-flavoured liqueur calles?
Who wrote 'Angels & Demons'?
What famous philosopher wrote 'Il principe'?
How is the precedure for social rejection in Athenian city-states calles?
On what motorbrand Valentino Rossi drove, when joining the Grand prix?
At which river in Berlin the Soviet and American army meet in 1945?
In what year did the Falkland war took place?
Which countries participated in Camp David in 1978?
Who had a number 1 hit with 'Bad Romance'?
Which princess died on 31st of August 1997?
How is the famous rock in Mecca, the centre of the Islam, calles?
In what battle the Ottoman Empire was resisted bij the Holy Roman Empire in 1683?
What is the real name of Bono?
Augusto Pinochet is a former ruler of what country?
Pinochet is extradited to Spain by what country?
What is the latin term for 'compelling law'?
What is Pokémon #1

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