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Main CharacterTV Show
Jack Bauer
Sam Malone
Olivia Dunham
Chuck Bartowski
Jack Shephard
Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor
Danny Tanner
Vincent Chase
Hayden Fox
Charlie Harper
Michael Scott
Liz Lemon
John Dorian
Meredith Grey
Tony Soprano
Sookie Stackhouse
Michael Bluth
Brandon Walsh
Al Bundy
Carrie Bradshaw
Main CharacterTV Show
Dawson Leery
Fox Mulder/Dana Scully
Gil Grissom
Peter Griffin
Kevin Arnold
Zack Morris
Earl Hickey
Mitch Buchannon
Larry David
Josiah Bartlet
Alan Shore
Eric Forman
Ray Barone
Cordell Walker
Felicity Porter
Michael Scofield
Gregory House
Dexter Morgan
Sean McNamara/Christian Troy
Buffy Summers

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