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Can you name the only Survivor contestant to fulfill these requirements?

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HintCastaway cast a jury vote for someone they helped vote out earlier in the season? lose a fire-making tiebreaker before the final four? win two pre-merge immunities? receive 17 votes in a season without returning players? win in their third time playing? write Michael Skupin's name on parchment? reach the merge without winning a single tribal challenge? give up immunity to someone else, making them vulnerable, and not get voted out immediately after? play a hidden immunity idol on herself and later win her season? not attend a tribal council until Day 14 and win the game? win five individual immunity challenges and not make it to Day 39? receive a car during a reward and later win the game? go three days into the game without a tribe? hail from Vermont? be born before the Great Depression?
HintCastaway vote for the same person five consecutive times? vote for the wrong person (i.e. someone that was not eliminated) nine times? be immune by a vote, tribal immunity, individual immunity, and play a hidden immunity idol? be born before 1950 and make it to Day 39? compete on the show while 18 years old? make Final Tribal Council with no members of their original tribe on the jury? be a relative of a former castaway in a non-Blood-vs.-Water season? play the most days of anyone who has never returned? have an immediate family member pass away while she was in the game? receive a vote at six consecutive tribal councils attended? win only three challenges, individual or tribal, and become Sole Survivor? be medically evacuated on Day 3? curse loudly after being voted out? bring an IV stand into Tribal Council?

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